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Favourite Computer: C64

Favourite Console: PS1


Favourite Computer: Amiga 500 

Favourite Console: N64

We would like to welcome you to our official website. We are Colin & James, two lifelong gamers who set up our Let's Talk Retro YouTube channel several years ago.


The aim of the channel is to give us a platform to talk with and meet other like minded gamers and hopefully entertain them a little along the way.


Let's Talk Retro is also the home of The Retro Gamer Show. The Retro Gamer Show is a monthly retro gaming show that is presented by ourselves. Each show is packed full of retro gaming news, retro gaming products and lots of nostalgic trips looking back through gaming history.


We also upload many other videos about retro gaming and gaming in general to the channel. If you love gaming and especially old games, Let's Talk Retro is the channel for you.

On this website you will find many retro gaming videos made by ourselves. However,to see all of our videos and to make sure you keep up to date with our latest ones, visit and subscribe to our channel by clicking on the YouTube button below.

Keep it retro!

Colin & James

our Latest news

We are currently busy working on new episodes of The Retro Gamer Show.

We will be attending the following events this year:

South West Amiga Group Meets

Play Expo Manchester


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